[New Artist] Leila’s Look!

I previously said, when talking about miss Leila Williams, that I would be posting a gig gear guide up soon. However, before I do that, I thought I’d take a look at her own style in the photoshoot video I posted and show you how you can rock this style too! I did my best to find some brilliant affordable matches, and I love them all!

1. Jacket, £78 FCUK 2. Earrings, £20 Made Muraini 3. Top, £28 Amplified 4. Shorts, £22 RedHerring 5. Bralet, £16 Topshop 6. Trousers, £29.99 Mango 7. Lipstick, £4.99 Barry M 8. Shorts, £15 Angel Eye 9. Bralet, £35 ASOS 10. Trousers, £15 H&M

Follow @LeilaOfficial for more updates and keep your eyes peeled to read more about her on upcoming blog posts!

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